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Cooperation with Silesian University of Technology

We are happy to inform about establishing cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology.

Cooperation with Silesian University of Technology

For many years PONAR Wadowice has been cooperating with universities and vocational schools. For all companies operating in the industrial sector, educating future technical and engineering staff is an extremely important issue.

“Signing the agreement with the Silesian University of Technology strengthens our previous joint activities. For years, we have been organizing lectures, meetings at many universities and enabling participation in internships and apprenticeships", says the Director of the Research and Development Center, a coordinator of cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology, Dr. Eng. Piotr Rosikowski.

Implementation of joint research and development works, internships, internships, diploma theses, works on the curriculum in the field of power hydraulics, study visits or doctoral studies - these are the main areas of the signed agreement on mutual cooperation.

The Silesian University of Technology is one of the leading technical universities, recognized in Poland and abroad, it offers first degree (engineering and bachelor's), second degree studies - master's, education at the doctoral school called "Joint Doctoral School" and postgraduate studies.


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