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Do you know our capabilities of hydraulic system production and design?

Hydraulic systems are an extremely important part of machinery and equipment used in many industries.

Do you know our capabilities of hydraulic system production and design?

Thanks to them, mechanical energy from a place of its production to the place of its usage is transferred through the working fluid. Hydraulic systems are used to transfer the energy of the hydraulic fluid to receivers such as motors or cylinders.


We are proud that many of such machines use elements manufactured in PONAR Wadowice: directional control- and all types of valves for various applications, cylinder, pumps, as well as many intrinsically safe products and proportional devices.

Our hydraulic systems work in the largest power plants, steel mills and mines all over the world. Our solutions are used in every branch of industry!

Thanks to our many years of experience (almost 60 years on the market!), We design, manufacture and launch hydraulic systems tailored to the needs of our Customers, delivering high quality products in short time of completion.

Our Design Department, engineers with passion and experience are at your disposal.

What we offer:

  • complete hydraulic systems with electric control as agreed upon with the customer
  • lubrication systems
  • test rigs
  • compact hydraulic systems
  • pump units
  • cooling and filtering units


Find out about the range of production possibilities of hydraulic systems at



SALES DEPARTMENT - hydraulic systems

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