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Accumulators filling-in equipment type UYAW-3-4153

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Accumulator filling and control device EPE Italiana, EPOLL available PONAR Wadowice

The universal PC filling and control device, EPP Italiana PCM, is designed for filling bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators with nitrogen, or for pressure control and change. Almost all hydraulic accumulators can be charged using multiple connections to the gas side of accumulators and nitrogen cylinders.


  • Valve body complete with ring nut connection to accumulator gas valve, pressure gauge, bleed and non return snap-in hose connection
  • 3 mt charging hose for high pressure series complete with bottle connection nitrogen standard 2 (PL, AT, CZ, DK, DE, ND, NO,SE, CH)
  • Standard nipple for accumulator : 5/8 UNF for PC and M28x1.5 for PCM
  • Set of spare gaskets

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