Design of hydraulic systems

author:  MSc. Tobiasz Gola Sc. D Piotr Rosikowski 

Hydraulic systems Hydraulic systems are used to transfer mechanical energy from the place of its production to the place of its usage through the working fluid. Most often, hydraulic systems are built in the form of hydraulic aggregates, which are used to transfer the energy of the hydraulic fluid to actuators such as motors or cylinders.

Hydraulic power units consist of a non-pressurized liquid tank, a motor-pump unit, control system, accessories and hydraulic hoses.

The motor-pump unit, system control and accessories (i.e., heat exchangers, filters, hydraulic accumulators) are most often mounted on the top cover of the tank or on the side wall. The elements of the load-bearing structure, necessary for the assembly of the above-mentioned elements, are generally made of weldable materials, most often steel, less often aluminum. An example of a high-pressure water system with a hydraulic drive is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: High-pressure water aggregate

When designing hydraulic power packs, it is extremely important to consider the specific properties and laws that govern fluid mechanics and hydraulics. It is necessary to pay attention to the convenient arrangement of elements and devices and to ensure easy access to threaded connections. Moreover, relevant standards, specific company regulations and maintenance regulations set by manufacturers of components and devices must be taken into account.

A very important element of the designer's work is to follow the guidelines in force in the workplace, which helps in the organization of work and saves a large amount of time. Figure 2 presents the guidelines in the form of a Gantt chart that are followed by the designers at PONAR Wadowice during the design and construction process.

Figure 2 Gantt chart for the design and construction process

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